"I am the Company"

Jika kamu mencintai Riliv dan percaya dengan visinya
serta ingin menjadi bagian untuk menciptakan dunia menjadi lebih baik,
ini adalah kesempatanmu !

How it all started

Our mission is to spread the peace of mind everywhere in the world. In the beginning, we originally wanted to create a way for people to solve their problem with the right people. However Riliv grew bigger as we helped problems solved anytime, anywhere for anyone. What started in a campus have grown to over thousands people across Indonesia. The movement have begun, and it’s time to take it to international ground.

We are Starting Up

A small team of visionary changemakers with a big dream. Every changes comes through action, and every action originates from a dream. What separate between dream and changes, is the little yet giant step that we take to start it. We have taken that step and now chasing our dreams together.

Our Team all spreaded in all over Indonesia

From Indonesia for Better World

Riliv adalah gerakan yang membantu menyelesaikan masalah pribadi. Riliv akan selalu hadir dan memberikan support di manapun, kapan pun, tanpa batasan. Kami berharap untuk menyebarkan ketenangan pikiran tidak hanya di Indonesia, namun juga secara global. Karena kami percaya setiap orang pantas untuk bahagia. Aspirasi Indonesia untuk dunia.

Our Work Culture

Lets see our believe and culture, the values that move us forward

We're looking for

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Master of Tinkering. Lord of coding. Wizard of development. Name it as you may, the fact is not a day goes by without opening your laptop/computer. Contribute your awesome skills to greater good by joining Riliv. Help people through your coding!


Does Artsy, quirky and visually oriented describes you? Like the idea of coffee and portofolio ? Send a message to us showing your best masterpiece!


Great in pick up line? Love to talk and meet new people? Can you sell ice in eskimo? Try your best convincing words in a message to us !

More info, please Add our Official LINE @riliv

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