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High Achievers, Here’s You Need to Know about Impostor Syndrome

People say you are smart and capable of anything. However, you don’t feel that way. You feel your achievements are due to luck, not because of your hard work or ability. Life with Impostor Syndrome certainly gives a heavy mental burden. You feel incompetent and as if deceiving people around you.

This is usually experienced by intelligent and high-achiever successful people. These people usually tend to often doubt themselves. They feel that they are fake people who are not worthy of their achievement.

The pressure of not being able to fail, feeling incompetent, and inferiority are things that are always felt. Well, here are ways you can do if you have trouble living with Impostor Syndrome!

Identify the negative thoughts that make you feel incompetent

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Try to observe your thoughts and feelings. What makes you feel insecure? Why do you think that you don’t deserve to be promoted in your workplace? Why do you feel fake? By identifying the negative thoughts that actually knock you down, you can think more objectively. Try not to be judgmental of yourself.

Remember and record your achievements

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Try collecting your proof of achievement. Take notes and look carefully. Is it true that everything you achieve is purely just a coincidence? In fact, you must have good abilities in certain fields. Trying to see your weaknesses is important for self-development. But don’t forget to also see your strengths and competencies. Believe that you deserve the achievements and praise you receive.

Ask for feedback from friends, colleagues, or mentors that you trust

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If you continue to assume without a clear basis, you will not be able to get the right answer. Try asking for opinions and feedback from people you trust and do have good abilities. That way, they can provide opinions that are able to straighten out the irrational thoughts that you have.

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Nobody is perfect and failure is a natural thing

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The problem experienced by someone with impostor syndrome is the tendency to be perfect. They assume that failure is something that is embarrassing and should be avoided at all cost. Such assumptions are not the realistic one. In fact, no human in this world is perfect. And try to see failure, not as something very bad. Instead, it is what makes a person able to learn and grow into a better person. Failure is also able to open new opportunities that you cannot expect.

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Remind yourself that you are not alone

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Acknowledge that everyone on this earth must have lied, no matter how small the lie is. You’re not the only one that feels like a fake person. Even famous artists like Lady Gaga, Tom Hanks, and Emma Watson are also affected by Impostor Syndrome. Many celebrities, famous writers, CEOs, and other successful people often feel incompetent. Remember these feelings are natural and you are not alone.

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Now that’s the way you can do to deal with the stress and negative feelings that Impostor Syndrome causes. Don’t let irrational thoughts make you unhappy and even make you unable to perform your best. Don’t be too hard on yourself, but give appreciation for the achievements you have achieved. You really deserve it, Dear!



Written by Maya Asmara, a writer and truth seeker who is passionate about communication, social issues, and psychology. She doesn’t mind if somebody would engage with her in a deep, meaningful, and intriguing conversation. Reach her on website

Translated by Sabrina Rizkahil. An ISTP person!


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