A Better Mental Health: 5 Simple Life Hacks To be Happier!

Living in a world full of daily hardships and challenges, it is not hard to understand that our mental health is easily affected. It is also understandable that people keep trying to find their own happiness in life. Yet, building a better mental health is known to be a difficult thing to do.

So what can we do to be happier? Is it that hard to be happy? What is a happy person, anyway? We at Riliv will tell you some simple life-hacks to answer these questions for you!

I’m cheerful, does that mean I’m happy?

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Never judge someone’s happiness just from what they seem to be. Studies even prove that depressed people are the most cheerful when with friends. People with a better mental health are people who have a sense of contentment, the ability to bounce back from stress, a sense of meaning and purpose in life, have the ability to build healthy relationships and maintain it; and a high self-esteem. In short, people who are really happy will know for sure that they are. So, that question needs to be answered by you, are you happy?

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I’ve tried to be happier, why is it not working?

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Everybody can experience mental health problems at anytime. A lot of us try, but we have no idea what to do to achieve this happiness in life. What if we told you that there are actually 6 keys to happiness, and that it is simple to do if you put your effort in the right places?

Social Connection is a Priority, So Treat it Like One

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You could be an introvert or an extrovert, and you will still have the need for social connection. This is because we are naturally social beings, and the need for connection is still there even though you do not feel it strongly. Interact with someone who is a “good listener” to you and try to open up to them. Opening up to someone is not a sign of weakness, and it is healthy to do. Try to greet your neighbour, or arrange a simple meet-up with your friends or loved one frequently. You can also always find new friends around you or try reaching out to an acquaintance or an old friend.

Staying Active Makes You Both Physically Healthy and Helps You Build a Better Mental Health

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Physical activity releases endorphins, that can boost your mood and provide energy. If done routinely, you can also improve your mental and emotional well-being! Not many people are fond of running or hitting the gym, and that’s perfectly fine. You can routinely walk to a nearby shop when you need something, or go to the park to find fresh air. The best thing about staying active is that you can do it while being productive in your daily tasks.

Learn to Manage Your Stress Levels

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Stressors in life are something we have to face daily, and not all of them are avoidable. That’s why you all you need to do is to control the stress that you have to face and keep them balanced. Ever feel super happy after a day out with friends? If you do it routinely, this will help you relieve stress. Appreciate things you have in life and don’t forget to be grateful for them. Focusing on this will help you manage your stress.

Eat Healthy for Your Brain and Sleep Plenty!

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A good diet can also affect your mood, energy and get you better sleep (which is very important for both mental and physical health!). People react differently to the things they eat and they generally do not notice this, so try to listen to your own body! Food that can affect you negatively are caffeine, alcohol, sugary snacks, and fried food. Boost your mood by frequently eating salmon, nuts, avocado, and fresh fruit.

Find Your Purpose in Life

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To keep yourself going and to keep yourself motivated, the best thing to do is to find your own purpose in life. Everybody has different opinions and preferences to their purposes. It could be the feeling of being needed, it could be an activity that you want to keep doing and it also could be the goals you aspire to achieve in life. So, do you already have an idea of what your purpose in life is? Or have you already found yours?

Now that you’ve come to the end of the article, you now know how simple it actually is to achieve your goal to have better mental health. It takes a little push, effort and a little bit more of taking care and even believing in yourself. But it will very much be worth it! So now the question is: what are you waiting for? Be the happier version of you!


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Shafira Amalia Hidayat is an International Relations student who is passionate in writing about social issues and mental health. She aims to someday change the world by helping the people in need and raising awareness through her writing. Her blog is no longer active, but you can reach her at @sapphire.dust on Instagram. See ya, there!


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